Welcome to Project Theatricality!

This is the post excerpt.


Hello! Welcome to Project Theatricality. Firstly, I’d like to explain who I am and why this blog was created. I’m Louise, a high school student from Chicago, Illinois, and this is a blog for me to share my opinions and analyses of musicals, plays, movie musicals – you name it, anything theatrical goes. Some of the works that will be featured here I have seen, while some I just have an extensive knowledge of! In addition to reviewing, and discussing works I feel people enjoy, I’d also like to occasionally keep the theatre community updated on any theatre news regarding new works coming out of Broadway, Off-Broadway, and beyond (including local theatre!). Eventually, I’d like to cover my opinions on my Tony Award picks as well as important events in the theatre community. If you have any kind of theatre piece, event, or general topic you would like me to feature and talk about on this blog, please let me know! I would love to regularly incorporate what you, the reader, wants to see from this blog in the future. I’m open to anything!

Thank you for reading and enjoy your stay here! I hope you decide to join me for the long haul on my journey of loving and shamelessly indulging in theatre.

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